American Paradise Real Estate


We Are Proud of Our Performance!

Over ten years ago, we found our perfect island hideaway through the help of a very personable and knowledgeable Realtor® with American Paradise Real Estate. Having never spent time on St. John before, it was our good fortune to meet someone so ethical and competent to help us through the confusing process of choosing a home.

Now, more than a decade later, American Paradise Real Estate has become the first and only choice to sell our house. We have watched them excel at expanding their business these past years, always working professionally and diligently to grow, while constantly giving back to the St. John community. This is the kind of Real Estate firm you want to have looking out for your interests – always prepared ahead of time, researching and reporting answers to questions with great speed, being available regularly and returning calls promptly and giving the wisest advice to complete your deal using 20 plus years of St. John experience.

American Paradise Real Estate leaves no stone unturned. They are extremely focused. Their commitment to your goal is total and they work harder to finalize your closing more than anyone we’ve ever met in the real estate business, here or stateside. We’ve recommended American Paradise to everyone we’ve known wishing to purchase or sell a home on St. John. The ones who listened were very grateful, and the ones who did not told us they still regret not taking the advice.

Though finalizing our sale is a sweet sorrow, we are leaving with the greatest of ease, thanks to American Paradise Real Estate.KP & WS, St. John VI

We had a superb real estate experience with our Realtor® at American Paradise Real Estate. We had decided that we wanted a second home which would also be an investment property on St. John. We had only one and a half days on the island to see if there was anything available that would match our vacation home dreams. Our Realtor® listened to what we wanted and narrowed our search down to great possibilities. We found it! Then our Realtor® expedited every step leading to the closing. This was done with a cheery voice (and emails) maintaining great communication with us during the offer, inspection, obtaining insurance, shopping for financing, and successful closing. Now we can visit this American Paradise many times a year.DL & TL, Boulder CO
After I contracted to buy my house, our Realtor® at American Paradise Real Estate told me now the real work began. This was after showing me multiple properties, after talking to me of life on St. John, and after spending as much time as it took to find me just the right house.

Our Realtor® helped me at the bank, suggested contacts in the legal field, walked me through a myriad of paperwork, helped me arrange all utility services, and when my flight delayed me from being present at the closing, volunteered to sit in my place.

Our Realtor® has been my friend ever since. I know I can count on our Realtor® when I sell this house to purchase another. I thought trying to find a property so far away would be a difficult undertaking, but with the constant communication and frequent updates on everything from inspection to property lines to house inventory to having a professional attitude with the selling agent, our Realtor® was a dream come true.

Similar to the quotation I have in my island home which says ‘Simplify Life’, my quote …would be ‘Simplify buying your home, use our Realtor® at American Paradise Real Estate’.NG, Las Vegas NV

(We) want to thank you so much for all of the help you provided us during the purchase of our small parcel on St. John. We want you to know that you were more attentive and informative than almost any service professional that we’ve met (and I’m in that business). You are a great communicator!! Thank you for the experience.DD & LV, Boston MA
(Our Realtor® at American Paradise Real Estate) is outstanding in terms of follow-up and the resolution of problems – the best broker we have encountered in many years.CG & RSG, Tidy Island FL
I have worked with (our Realtor® at American Paradise Real Estate) for many years and on many transactions, both as buyer and seller.  Without hesitation I can say this is the best agent I have ever worked with. Our Realtor® always looks after the client’s interests, has a savvy sense of value and works really hard.  Our Realtor® sweats the details, is the consummate professional, but has also become a great friend.RW, Princeton NJ
Thank you so much for helping my 20 year dream of having a home on St. John become a reality…I absolutely love my Villa…and you were great in handling all the details to make the buy an easy transition. I have bought seven houses and properties in the USA, and (my Villa) on a 9 mile island in the Caribbean, was by far the easiest because of you and your agency (American Paradise Real Estate).  Everyone has been great!!!  Realtors® on the mainland could learn from you on how to treat a customer, going the extra mile, dotting all the T’s and I’s, and being a friend…I truly believe we will be friends for life, you’re the best of the best!! I know I can count on you while I’m in Florida to keep an eye on my Villa.BB, Madeira Beach FL